Bansko summer holidays

Bansko in Summer

Mountain Hiking

Pirin is probably the most rugged of all mountain ranges on the Balkans, which provides a great variety of hiking terrains. This mountain, with its Alpine- style peaks is a big challenge for everybody who has come to stay in Bansko in summertime. The highest peak of Pirin Mountains is Vihren - 2914 m. There is one more peak above 2,900 m- Kutelo; seven peaks above 2,800 m; 17 above 2,700 m; 32 above 2,600 m and 40 above 2,500 m. All these peaks offer various itineraries of different difficulty for all mountaineers. In Bansko there are instructors who could introduce the beginners into the techniques of the rock climbing. There are more than 100 km of marked alpine routes, situated in the Pirin National Park which could suite everybody according his hiking abilities.

Here are some of the huts in Bansko:

Banderitsa hut is built at 1810 meters above the sea level. It is located in the northern part of Pirin mountain on the left shore of the Banderitsa river. You can reach Banderitsa hut by walking on asphalted, marked road about 4.30 hours from Bansko.

Sinanitsa hut is located on the shore of the Sinanitsa lake at 2200 meters above the sea level. The Sinanitsa peak and the Momin peak offer wonderful conditions for climbing. Sinanitsa hut can be reached from the town of Kresna for 3 hours on the mountain path following the left shore of the river Sinanitsa.

Tevno Lake Shelter was built in 1972 at 2512 meters above the sea level. The shelter is located on the shore of the Tevno Lake in the area of the Beleme region. The area of the shelter is highly avalanche and it is not used in the winter. The starting point for the Tevno Lake Shelter is the town of Bansko – there is a marked path - 7.30 hours.

Bezbog hut is located at 2240 meters above the sea level on the coast of the Bezbog lake and is one of the newest and modern huts in Pirin. This is the second building in the region since the first one was destroyed by an avalanche in 1971. The chair lift which leads to Bezbog hut departs from the Gotse Delchev hut. Bezbog hut is easily accessible by using the lift- 25 minutes or about 2 - 3 hours on foot.

Bansko Horse Riding

Just like the mountain biking, Bansko’s location is very good for some horse riding. Horse riding which is offered in Bansko is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders as there are terrains to fit everybody’s abilities.

Bansko Rafting

Rafting in Bulgaria is usually practiced in April, May and June. The two major rafting rivers are Struma- which more peaceful waters are suitable for beginners and still there are quite thrilling whirlpools, and Mesta- where more physical training and a lot of adrenalin are needed. Rafting helps you feel the full greatness of nature and makes you feel a part of it. While rafting you will also enjoy stunning views and all this will surely turn your rafting experience as the emotional highlight of you summer holidays in Bansko.

Dancing bears park in Belitsa

The park is located in an idyllic region some 30 km from Bansko, covered with forests, glades and natural waters. It is around 120 000 sq.m big.
The Dancing Bears Park is an international project of Four Paws Foundation. The park has rich natural environment, so that the bears can turn back to their normal behavior in nature. Every single bear has its own territory with access to water and plenty of space for climbing. The project of Four Paws Foundation named "Dancing Bear Park Belitsa" was launched in May 2000. The brown bears named Mariana, Stefan and Kalinka were the first dwellers of the park. Today there are 13 bears in the Belitsa Park which are given the chance to live like free animals. Guided tours are available every day on the hour when the park is open (from April through November).


There are great opportunities for fishing in Bankso in summer and also in winter. Just 15 minutes drive takes you to Complex Ribarnika where you will find three lakes for sport fishing. The lakes are full of trout which could be cooked in front of you afterwards.

Bansko has much more to offer- jeep safari, moto-planerism with an instructor, paintball; excursions to places of interest in the region /Rozhen Monastery, Melnik/ or even in Greece /Kavala, Thessaloniki/. For sure one could have exciting active holidays in Bansko resort.

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