Bansko Ski

Bansko in winter

Bansko offers excellent conditions for skiing and snowboarding. No doubt there are many slopes in Bansko, but as a whole the pistes of this resort are really good for intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders.

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Bansko Ski Runs

Today Bansko is a modern ski-resort but still keeps the charm of past times in its Old Quarter. In Bansko one could find many new opportunities not only for skiing, but also for snowboarding, biathlon and cross-country skiing. Bansko offers an entire net of totally 14 pistes, making the general length of marked ski-runs, including ski-roads 65 km.
There is a new 7 kilometers long lit ski-road between Banderishka polyana and Bansko. Night skiing is available for everyone from 18, 30 until 21, 30. Snowboarders will surely enjoy the so called fun-park, which offers the option to ski over artificial bumps and jumps or build such on their own. There is a half-pipe which offers to both skiers and snowboarders a great arena to practice their latest tricks.
Absolutely great news is the fact that almost 80% of the slopes are covered by snow cannons. This provide a really good snow cover during the whole winter season.

Bansko ski center map - ski runs, ski lifts and drags

You can zoom in the map to see in details the ski runs and ski lifts

Bansko Ski Map
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Ski Run Difficulty Length (m) Denive- lation(m)
Tomba Profis 2567 925
Plato south Beginners 1148 320
Platno North Beginners 1015 300
Balkaniada Advanced 1792 640
Shiligarnik Beginners 2047 487
Todorka Advanced 1690 470
Stara Pista Beginners 970 205
Children run Beginners 510 155
Tomba 2 Profis 830 255
Shiligarnik 2 Beginners 2047 487
Chalin Valog South Advanced 775 75
Chalin Valog East Advanced 1429 310
Tsyrna Mogila Advanced 2080 730
Ikrishte Banderishka polqna Beginners 1400 120
Ikrishte Chaling Valog Beginners 2650 255
Chalin Valog – base station Beginners 4031 380
Plato - Ikrishte Beginners 3650 840

Bansko resort offers: one 8-man Gondola cable car, five 4-seat lifts, one 3-seat lift, 7 drags and 10 baby drags. SkiData guarantees the easy access to all lifts, due to specific chip cards, secured by them.

The new gondola lift is more than 6 kilometers long. It connects the town of Bansko with Banderishka meadow. There are totally 26 kilometers of ski-lifts in Bansko.

Lift Length (m) Seats Denivelation(m) Persons per hour
Gondola Cabin 6315 8 601 2400
Chair 2336 3 705 800
Chair 1750 4 600 2000
Chair 2050 4 480 2000
Drag 1250 1 320 900
T-bar drag 1210 2 315 900
Drag 600 2 149 900
Drag 1200 1 295 700
Chair 1000 4 300 2000
T-bar drag 900 2 200 900
Baby drag 99 15
Chair 2420 2 740 700

Bansko today

Bansko has nowadays become a centre of winter and summer tourism. The peaks of Pirin Mountains, the beautiful lakes and the old pine woods make it a great site for sport and recreation. In recent years, the town has gained international popularity after the start of the annual Bansko Jazz Festival and consequently the annual Bansko pop-star concert. The nearby village of Banya, located only 5 km from the town, is well known for its 27 thermal mineral springs.
In 2009 Bansko was chosen to be the host of the Women’s World Cup in Alpine Ski disciplines.

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