Borovets ski lifts

Usually ski lifts in Borovets are open from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. Each lift is closed for technical checks and maintenance for half a day each week and respectively for a full day each month, please check this info with your local rep or ski instructor.

Ski Run/Lift Type Length (m) Elevation (m)
Borovets,Yastrebets 1 Gondola 4827 1046
Yastrebets ,Borovets 4-seat 2050 609
Sitnyakovo 1a,Borovets 4-seat 1902 516
Martinovi Baraki 1,Borovets 4-seat 1209 313
Markujik 2A 4-seat 1086 308
Markujik 3 Drag 1031 366
Markujik 1 Drag 903 223
Markujik 0 - beginners piste Drag 500 42
Martinovi Baraki 3 Drag 200 50
Martinovi Baraki 2 Drag 180 33

The following lifts could be found in Borovets resort- 1 six-seat Gondola lift, 2 High Speed Quad Chair lifts, 1 Fixed Grip Quad Chair lift, the new Quad Lift on Markujik 2, 8 Surface ski lifts. The gondola lift goes to the Yastrebets peak on 2363 m above sea level. The difference in the altitude is approximately 1045 m and its length is 4827 m. The gondola lift has a capacity of 1200 persons per hour. The new 200-meter carpet lift takes the skiers from the Markudjik skiing area to the upper station of the gondola lift "Yastrebetz".

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