Borovets Ski resort

Borovets resort in winter

Today there are 58 km of marked pistes in Borovets, covering the north facing slopes up to an altitude of 2560 m. Doorstep skiing is one of the real advantages in Borovets and many skiers could literally ski upto the front door of their hotel. The longest run is the Moussala Pathway- a 12 km return to the resort along the maintenance road.

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Borovets ski center map - ski runs, ski lifts and drags

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Borovets Ski Map
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Borovets ski runs

Skiing information:
Resort base altitude: 1300 m
Highest skiing point: 2560 m
Marked ski runs: 58 km
Longest run: 12 km
Slope directions: N, NW, W
Cross-country runs: 35 km

Ski Run Difficulty Length (m) Inclination (m)
Sitnyakovo ski track Green 6000 0
Sitnyakovo 1a Blue 5800 400
Martinovi Baraki 5 Green 5000 0
Sitnyakovo 1b Red 4000 230
Sitnyakovo 2 Red 4000 250
Yastrebets 1 Black 2300 860
Yastrebets 2 Red 3000 650
Yastrebets 3 Red 2350 617
Markujik 2A Red 1300 280
Martinovi Baraki 3 Red 1260 320
Markujik 3 Red 1240 390
Martinovi Baraki 4 Black 1240 302
Markujik 1 Red 1220 220
Martinovi Baraki 1 Black 1160 340
Martinovi Baraki 2 Red 1160 280
Sitnyakovo 3 Red 1000 220
Lavinata Black 830 0
Yastrebets Black 800 0
Markujik Green 600 0
Borovets Cross Country 0 0

Usually ski lifts in Borovets are open from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. Each lift is closed for technical checks and maintenance for half a day each week and respectively for a full day each month, please check this info with your local rep or ski instructor.

Ski Run/Lift Type Length (m) Elevation (m)
Borovets,Yastrebets 1 Gondola 4827 1046
Yastrebets ,Borovets 4-seat 2050 609
Sitnyakovo 1a,Borovets 4-seat 1902 516
Martinovi Baraki 1,Borovets 4-seat 1209 313
Markujik 2A 4-seat 1086 308
Markujik 3 Drag 1031 366
Markujik 1 Drag 903 223
Markujik 0 - beginners piste Drag 500 42
Martinovi Baraki 3 Drag 200 50
Martinovi Baraki 2 Drag 180 33

The following lifts could be found in Borovets resort- 1 six-seat Gondola lift, 2 High Speed Quad Chair lifts, 1 Fixed Grip Quad Chair lift, the new Quad Lift on Markujik 2, 8 Surface ski lifts. The gondola lift goes to the Yastrebets peak on 2363 m above sea level. The difference in the altitude is approximately 1045 m and its length is 4827 m. The gondola lift has a capacity of 1200 persons per hour. The new 200-meter carpet lift takes the skiers from the Markudjik skiing area to the upper station of the gondola lift "Yastrebetz".

Ski and Snowboard School in Borovets

Borovets is well known for the high standard of ski and snowboard instruction it offers.The ski and snowboard tuition is divided into three different levels according to the skill level of the clients. The lessons may be group or individual (subject to request) and the duration of the course is from 6 to 13 days. There is also a ski kindergarten for the children aged 4 to 8 years.

Night skiing in Borovets

For night skiing there is an additional lift pass that has to be bought separately at the kiosks on the pistes. It is valid from 5 pm till 10 pm. There are two lit pistes in Borovets- Martinovi Baraki 2 and 3.

Cross-country skiing in Borovets

35 km of cross country trails are designed according to the requirements of FIS at minimum width of 6 m. Borovets resort also offers biathlon facilities for training and competitions.

Super Borovets

The Super Borovets project is one of the largest projects in Bulgarian history. It will enlarge Borovets town to encompass the nearby towns of Samokov and Beli Iskar. The Super Borovets resort will be divided into three levels:

Super Borovets Map
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Level 1 or Low Borovets: A brand new development right in the suburbs of Samokov, this area will have good connections and transport with Borovets and the main ski area. This project will provide around 5,000 hotel rooms.

Level 2 or Borovets: This is the existing Borovets with extensive investment and development. Around 10,000 hotel rooms are to be find there, this will be the main accommodation area.

Level 3 or Super Borovets: This will cater for those looking for 5 star hotels and a luxury experience, however it will provide no more than 2,500 hotel rooms.

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Borovets Apr?s Ski

Borovets is a lively resort with lots of opportunities for Apr?s Ski activities.

You could try tobogganing, billiards, pizza quiz, bowling, snowmobiling or a sleigh ride; all are locally advertised and should be booked on spot at an extra charge.

There is a good choice of bars in Borovets, like the Black Tiger /great cocktails/, Buzz Bar /it’s an Apr?s Ski Bar and also a disco at night/, Chilly Peppers Bar. There are many restaurants offering local and international cuisine- the Mamacita’s /a Mexican Restaurant, but in the morning you could get proper English breakfast/, Franko’s Pizza- very busy place and the pizzas are good/, The Blue /great atmosphere/. In Samokov and Rila hotels there are Night Clubs which are usually open after 10 pm.

A not-to-be-missed event is the Bulgarian Folk Night or the so called “Bulgarian village”. It’s a very good value for money as you get very tasty home- made Bulgarian dinner and local drinks, and also have the chance to hear local music and dances. Bulgarian folklore music is known all over the world for its unique rhythms, harmony and polyphony such as the use of close intervals like the major second. Bulgarian folklore music includes "asymmetric meters", which could often be understood as combinations of groups of "quick" and "slow" beats. All this makes this music unique and foreigners usually enjoy listening to it.

Borovets live web cam

Live webcam from Borovets ski resort, near Flora apartments hotel.

Borovets live web cam

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