Pamporovo resort in summer

Pamporovo in summer

Nowadays Pamporovo resort is a great summer holiday location. Its setting in the western part of the Rhodope Mountains and the climate with a mild Mediterranean mood charm a lot of visitors and engages them in a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Mountain hiking in Pamporovo

The Rhodope Mountains do not have a clearly outlined orthographic skeleton. They are a huge maze of hills of different length, height and direction divided by deep river valleys. The Rhodope Mountains are composed mainly of gneiss, amphibolits, karst and granite rocks. Very interesting are the karst areas with their deep river gorges, large caves and specific sculptured forms. The tuff in the Eastern Rhodopes has created strange natural sculptures.The mountain had not undergone a glacier period so typical glacier forms can not be found.
The Western Rhodopes are the larger, higher, most infrastructurally developed and most visited part of the mountains. The highest and best known peaks are located in the region (more than 10 are over 2,000 m) including the highest one, Golyam Perelik (2,191 m). Among the other popular peaks are Shirokolashki Snezhnik (2,188 m), Golyam Persenk (2,091 m), Batashki Snezhnik (2,082 m), Turla (1,800 m).
Here are some hiking routes starting from Pamporovo resort: to the Mount of Chala; to the monument of the hero Momchil; to Rozhen meadows; to Studenets chalet, Slanchev bair and Malina locality; to Studenets chalet, Yazovika, Orpheus rocks locality and Snezhanka Mount and others

Mountain biking in Pamporovo

More and more tourists come to Pamporovo resort for the great biking routes that could be found in the Rhodope Mountains. This mountains, with its oval and mild forms is the perfect location for the lovers of mountain biking. There are routes for everybody- advanced, beginners, children, like for example to: Mechi chal Mount / distance – 41 km., duration – 6-6.5 hours. /, Stoykite village / distance – 22.5 км. , duration – 3-3.5 hours /, “Rozhen meadows” / distance – 15 км., duration – 3 hours. /.

Half/ full day trips

There are a lot of excursions that could be booked while you stay in Pamporovo resort- half- day tour to Smolyan with a visit to the biggest Planetarium on the Balkan peninsula, excursion to Plovdiv /the second biggest town in Bulgaria with a lovely Old Quarter and one of the biggest Roman Amphitheater/, excursion to Bachkovo Monastery / the second biggest monastery in Bulgaria/, excursion to Assen’s Fortress and more

Caves in the Rhodope Mountains

The Devil's Throat cave is one of the phenomenons in the Rhodope Mountains. The cave is formed as a result of massive tectonic activities..
The name of the cave has derived from the devil head shaped entrance. There is a river crossing underground the cave, with 60m high waterfall, forming a huge hall called the Thunder hall. It is 110 m long, 40m wide and 35m high. There is an artificial gallery through which one can access the base of the water current and from there is 301 stairs with access to the outside in the open. There, the nature demonstrated its magnificence. From 380 m from the cave's entrance, the running river deposits in a siphon gallery. The length of the siphon is more than 150 m. From the many illuminations from projectors and the hanging bridge, iron stairs in this underground world, one can have a perpetual impression after a visit. The cave is electrified, the stair are hand-railed for safety. The biggest colony of cave bats in the Balkans, spend their winter period in this cave.

There are about 140 caves and karst forms found in the district of Yagodinska Cave. This is a 5-storey, 10 km long, abysmal, labyrinthic cave, one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria. The Yagodinska cave is electrified and passable. Some of the formations inside resemble the well- known "Santa Claus", "Snow-White and The Seven Dwarfs", "Virgin Mary and her newborn child", "The Elephant","The Crocodiles" and hundreds more.

Uhlovitsa cave is about 460m long, 330km out of which are well-explored and developed. It is situated 1040 metres above the sea level. The average temperature is about 10-11°C. A lot of corallites can be found in the cave, as well as an impressive Icefall at its end. About 3000 tourists visit the cave every year.

Trigrad Gorge

The impressive Trigrad Gorge is situated near the Trigrad river valley in the Rhodope Mountains. It stands 1450 m above sea level, its total length is 7 km. The vertical rocks, forming the gorge, rise on the two riversides. The vertical rocks reach 250 m of height.
The archeological expeditions in the area prove the existence of cave dwellings and Thracian Tombs. The landmarks of the Trigrad Gorge have been declared a national heritage. In the area called Chairite, there are six rock-lakes. Ten rare bird species live in the rocks of the Trigrad Gorge.

The Wonderful bridges

The Wonderful Bridges is a unique rocky phenomenon situated in the Central Rhodope Mountains. It occupies an area of 40.3 hectares. There was a full river in this spot forming a cave, and due to relief activities, the river current leaving behind two incredible natural marble bridges dismantled the roof of the cave. The upper bridge is 20 m thick, 15 m wide and 96 m long. It’s situated over an abyss of 43 m depth and 45 m width. 150 m below is the second bridge that looks like a 60m long tunnel. Its entrance is quite wide, but inside it becomes narrower. After the formation of the bridge the river disappears in the ground and 1.5 km past it the water comes up again. The unique bridges are declared a protected area.


Millenniums ago Perperikon sheltered various generations who left their stamp on the rocks. In the New Stone Age (the end of the VI century- the beginning of the V century B.C.) Perperikon was an outcrop. People did not use tools so the nature was to model the rocks. Perperikon was recounted to have been not a settlement, but a deified rock. Later, after perfecting the tools Romans and Thracians engraved much more surfaces from the rocks and turned the stone into fortified walls, built without using any connecting materials. The first vigorous growth of Perperikon was at the time of Troy and Mycenae. Thousands of historical records, representing altar bays, drainage, and tombs date back to that period of time. Some of the sanctuaries were used for animal sacrifice, others for humans as well. Archeological discoveries in the excavations of Perperikon conceal mysticism for the temple of Dionysius in the Rhodope Mountains.

There is really a lot more to be done in Pamporovo- horse riding, fishing, archery grounds, bowling, tennis- it’s all up to your taste, simply choose and enjoy!