Pmporovo Ski

Pamporovo in winter

Pamporovo is a well known winter resort. It is famous for the good skiing conditions, especially for begginers and intermediates. Pamporovo is a family- friendly resort, absolutely great place if you have kids.

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In Pamporovo there are 29 km of runs for alpine skiing and 30km of tracks for cross- country skiing.
The working at the slopes is accomplished by snowgroomers at company " Kassbohrer”– Germany. Four snow-levelling machines and six snow cannons guarantee skiers comfortable and enjoyable downhill rides.Free shuttle bus is running from the hotels to the ski runs.

Pamporovo ski center map - ski runs, ski lifts and drags

You can zoom in the map to see in details the ski runs and ski lifts

Pamporovo Ski Map
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Operating ski runs Level of difficulty Length i. Lift
Snezhanka 1 advanced 990 ski-lift/anchor
Snezhanka 2 – The wall professionals 500 ski-lift/anchor
Snezhanka 3 professionals 2200 ski-lift/bowl
Snezhanka 4 professionals 2000 ski-lift/bowl
Snezhanka 5 advanced 3500 open chair type 3
Snezhanka 6 beginners 4200 open chair type 4
Tourist track - The dam lake beginners 380 ski-lift/anchor
Snezhanka 7 advanced 3000 open chair type 2
The Southerns advanced 800 open chair type 2
Snezhanka 10 advanced 800 open chair type 3
Snezhanka advanced 1060 ski-lift/anchor
Malina intermediate advanced 400 open chair type 3
Snezhanka – The dam lake advanced 347 open chair type 4
Studenets - Ski centre1 beginners 1500 open chair type 4
Running Track Studenets 5000
Running Track Stoylkite 20000
Running Track Malina 7000
Stoikite 1 advanced 3500 chair type 6
Stoikite 2 advanced 3500 chair type 6
Half - Paip 110

The ski facilities operating in Pamporovo are with a capacity of 11 600 people per hour. There are nine ski tows and six chairlifts, which allow a fast and comfortable movement of the skiers. The new six-seat chairlift of the Pomagalski company – France with capacity of 2 400 people per hour.

Lift Type Length m Capacity Displacement
Bus station - Studenets open chair type 4 734 2000 208
Studenets - Snezhanka open chair type 4 1100 2400 264
Ardashla- Studenets open chair type 1 1350 475 180
Smolyan lakes - Snezhanka open chair type 2 1550 365 340
Ardashla- Snezhanka open chair type 2 2410 1800 280
Ski-lift - Tha wall anchor 600 240 20
Ski-lift - The dam lake anchor 800 380 130
Ski-lift The two bridges bowl 1340 680 290
Ski-lift Akademika bowl 700 280 160
Mini ski-lift Snezhanka drag-lift 150 200 10
Mini ski-lift Malina drag-lift 100 100 10
Mini ski-lift The Southerns drag-lift 350 280 20

Ski tuition in Pamporovo

Pamporovo is also known for the friendly and highly qualified ski instuctors. They are specialists in the so called “learn-to-ski” torists and it’s really amazing how just in a week time almost everybody from the group is able to ski downhill using the snow- plough. Of course, there are ski instructors who teach the intermediate or advanced skiers and quite often people say that one of the many reasons to come back in Pamporovo are the good skiing lessons they got from their ski instructor.

Pamporovo Apres Ski

No doubt that Pamporovo is a lively resort with lots of bars and restaurants. Here are some of them:

- "White Hart" is a very good British pub with excellent service and delicious food. English speaking staff. Great live band performing every evening.

- In "Dak's Irish Pub" one can enjoy the traditional Irish hospitality with a rich choice on the food menu and happy hour every day. Very good band which guarantees great time every evening and live karaoke show once per week. Its moto is "Drink until you are Irish"!

- "Spider night club" is the most popular night club in town. All types of music from 11 pm till... the last client leaves.

- "Chanovete 1 & 2" restaurants - typical Bulgarian restaurants, offering both traditional Rhodopean specialities and steaks, salads, soups, etc. Live band playing in the evenings and karaoke show in Chanovete 2.

- "Gloria Mar" restaurant - Nice, classy restaurant with unbeatable prices. Professional service, great interior design and atmosphere, delicious cuisine from all over the world. Specialized in sushi and sea food. In Gloria Mar restaurant you can feel the spirit of the Mediterranean.

There is an Ice Rink in Pamporovo, you can find it in the very center of the resort. If you feel like doing something different, try the Ski Doo- it' a life time experience. The Ski Doo is a fantastic drive through the forests of Rhodopi mountains with all these stunning views along the way.

You can check here our online rates for ski and snowboard services in Pamporovo and book online ski package in Pamporovo.

Pamporovo live webcam

Pamporovo live webcam

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